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About Us

Brigitte Prince is originally from Europe and has a lifelong passion for football – we call it soccer here in the United States. Her grandfather competed in the National Soccer League and her father taught her the sport as a child. Brigitte’s son played in high school and for Cornell University, while her daughter played for Oklahoma University and now Colorado College.

Another family underpinning is that of caregiving. As with soccer, caregiving is in Brigitte’s DNA, and that is evident in her speech, life, and quality of home care services. Having spent her adult life in caregiving roles, following in the footsteps of others in her family, she is uniquely equipped to offer the personalized concierge home care that you will only find in the Denver Metro area from Dependable Senior Home Care, LLC.

Brigitte fluently speaks English, German and French, and can understand several other European dialects that are closely related, such as that of Luxembourg. This makes effectively communicating with a wide range of patients easier, minimizing misunderstandings that can be frustrating and even risky when providing personal care.

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Multitalented, Personable and Professional

Clients and patients alike will find Brigitte an interesting and personable conversationalist, able to dialogue intelligently in a multitude of subjects and topics. She is an artist, writer, and world traveler whose experiences lend her a special level of maturity and compassion, which she brings into every relationship. Get to know Brigitte in an introductory conversation and see how easily she can put you and your elderly loved one at ease.

Brigitte is first and foremost a highly qualified professional caregiver who leverages her wide range of skills to provide on-call and traveling caregiver services throughout Denver, Colorado. Her background includes:

  • CNA Training

  • Certified Health Specialist

  • Master Herbalist

  • Qualified Medication Aide

  • Certified Nutritional Counselor

  • Over 25 years of caregiving experience

Clients routinely use words to describe Brigitte like punctual, reliable, articulate, family oriented, superbly trained, confident, tech-savvy, multi-tasker, skilled trainer, and a great cook.

Does this sound like someone you would trust to provide personal in-home care to your loved one in or around Denver? Brigitte’s services through Dependable Senior Home Care, LLC are available for an hour or up to 12 hours, and several caregiver and related services are available. She can even arrange for traveling caregiver services by special arrangement.

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