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Caring and reflecting…by Brigitte Prince

In my line of work changes happen quickly and fast, I have short term, long term, daily client relationships depending on the need and services that are required. I have noticed within season changes and years coming to an end, my clients go through changes as well, this brings reflecting into light as with each client experience I get to remember all that was required to service the client and their families.

Many years have past I can remember that I never experienced a client pass away on my shifts, lucky for me I was not working on those days, and a fellow caregiver informed Hospice and or family or agency staff of the passing. Well, I had a very nice introductory as my first Hospice client eased me into their passing. The client was the sweetest kindest person I ever had the pleasure to meet, the CNA and I washed the client one last time as we knew the passing was nearing and eventually after a short while after the process finished the client closed his eyes and drifted away.

We were all prepared for this to happen, as we knew time was limited gathering everybody together and embrace this amazing man's passing. I felt a sense of relief as I knew this person had suffered sooo much and was in peaceful restful hands now, yet afterward I reflected on how it effected the way I care for my clients and their family members on a daily basis.

Every time you loose a client and or a family member and or loved one, it changes a person to think more closely, to love more deeply and to think of time left in this life as the most precious thing one can experience and should enjoy to the fullest.

I soon after my first passing client experience, experienced many more, every passing was different and special to me, as were my clients so very unique and their families so very special people. I learn each time through reflection and caring that my life has become very fulfilling through this wonderful journey I was chosen to take.

May you all be blessed and keep up the strength to move forward on which ever journey you chose to be on and wherever it may take you, just remember the time and space will play a big role on the caring and reflecting journey.

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