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Long -Term Care and other Healthcare settings

Defining Long-Term Care

Introduction of different types of settings within our Healthcare systems. 101.

Long-Term care is for elderlies who are in need of 24-hour care, it assists those elderlies with ongoing conditions. A few other terms for long-term care facilities are:

-Nursing Homes

-Nursing Facilities

-Skilled Nursing Facilities

-Extended Care Facilities

Each of these settings will be very unique and you will find Nursing assistants (CNA) trained staff helping out with your daily ADL's encouraging swift recovery leading to becoming more independent throughout your resting and healing days.

The people residing in these facilities may have Terminal and or Chronic Conditions.

They may come from hospitals and or different facilities. Some of these facilities are providing care for short-term and long-term conditions depending on the recovery needed to resume normal life. Chronic conditions would include physical disabilities, stroke, dementia and heart disease.

While elderlies live in these type of facilities they are considered their homes and elerly seniors would be called Residents. These type of facilities would be called a resident's home until he or she moves to another place , or passes away.

I hope this blog provides some insight in the variety of different settings within our healthcare communities and will shed some light when someday you may search to find a place for your elderly loved ones.

-Brigitte Prince

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